Hey Ho, Let’s Go

I made it with five whole minutes to midnight PST. IT COUNTS.

Red Racer Spiced Pumpkin Ale

red racer

Brewed by: Central City Brewers (Surrey, BC)

Ingredients: Water, barley, hops, yeast, pumpkin and spices.

So, a confession. I’m not actually that huge on pumpkin. I can take it or leave it. What I really like is cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg and cardamom. I love chai, and I’m constantly baffled by the dearth of chai beers on the market. They do exist, but I’ve only had one – on the Canadian West Coast, the home of random beer additives. I mean, I’ve had just as many that contained stinging nettles.

Whatever. Point is, I’m fine with a pumpkin beer where I can’t taste much of the gourd itself as long as there’s lots of spicy goodness.

red racer pint

Red Racer fits solidly into this category. Low bitterness, light malt, and a LOT of ginger, with enough cinnamon and cloves around the edges to stop it being Canada Dry. As you can see from the pictures, it’s clear, light amber in colour, and medium-ly carbonated, with a very thin head. It’s not heavy at all, but the spices do linger after a few sips.

The label claims you can pair it with “any holiday feast”, but I’d call this one dessert by itself. It’s not sugary, but it’s got enough sweetness that drinking it with anything heavy would make it cloying. I saved it for after dinner and nursed the pint for a while instead of having it with the meal, and I don’t regret that. If you really wanted food with it, I’d go with chicken, or maybe lean pork.

First review finished! That was astonishingly painless.


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