Spooky Non-Pumpkin Sunday, pt. 1

Hobgoblin Ale

Brewed by: Wychwood

Ingredients: barley, hops and water

Although we were not playing Changeling: the Lost, I thought Sunday game day would be a good time to break out the Hobgoblin Ale. I really don’t want to drink Technocracy-themed anything.


This beer has the distinction of being the first non-Canadian drink I’ve reviewed, coming all the way from merry old England where they don’t have much truck with random-ass ingredients in booze.* Hobgoblin is the fifth-most popular bottled beer in England, according to Wikipedia. As such Hobgoblin is straight up malt and hops with nothing added.

The colour is fantastic, a deep warm red you don’t often see. It’s got a good thick head on it too, which provides a nice contrast. This comes from the carbonation, which is much bigger than ones I’ve reviewed previously – it almost looks like pop.image

The smell has a bit of fruit on it. I’ll get weird looks if I say bananas, but I stand by it. It’s a heavier beer than you’d think from the smell and the colour, though. It lingers for a long, long time after you swallow, and the taste is all barley. The hops are a fair balance, but it’s not the kind of thing IPA freaks would love. All things considered, it’s an excellent autumn beer if you’re a back-to-basics type, but maybe not if you’re on the prowl for something really unusual.

Also, don’t review beers with your non-beer-snob boyfriend in the middle of game. I wrote a bunch of notes and asked the Beloved what he thought. “It’s good!” he said, and went back to GMing.

*Try explaining a caesar to an English person sometime – their eyes bug out in the most amusing way.


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