So the Daddy Tomato Hits the Baby Tomato and Says…

In the interests of getting back up to speed, I’m posting some note-form quickies. No I did not drink these all in one night stop looking at me like that.IMG_0302

Parallel 49 Schadenfreude Pumpkin Lager:  Not an ale, which is unusual. Definitely the pumpkiniest beer I’ve tried so far. Decent spice, but lots of gourd. And I still have four bottles of it left! Also a return to form on the part of Parallel 49’s label designer.



Phillips Crooked Tooth: My perspective may be skewed on this because of the aforementioned Dieu du Ciel beers*, but I didn’t care for this one much – went down like water, barely any flavour.  I was disappointed because I remembered liking it in previous years. Might be good for drinking with a meal, maybe a turkey burger? Lots of head, nice colour, and cool label.


My parents have snazzier glassware and a nicer kitchen than mine.

Swans Pumpkin Ale: Available only in Victoria, as far as I can tell.

My mom guest reviewed on this one. Her pronouncement? “Waaaaay too much cinnamon.” My aunt concurred. My dad, who cut his hand carving the turkey earlier, just drank it and mumbled something before going to change his bandaid. (I liked it. Nice and fresh tasting. But yes, lots of cinnamon.)

Pumpkin Spice Kahlua: DO NOT BUY THIS. Dear god, and I thought the Spicebox was bad. Tastes like a melted Frappuccino that’s been left to ferment. Actually worse when mixed with milk. Might be okay if diluted with vodka. Or if you poured the whole thing down the drain and put vodka in your coffee instead. Pictures to follow, when I can bear to look at them again.

*”So Lewis Carroll, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali start a brewery…”


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