Spooky (Belated) Sunday, part 2: Wychcraft

So some lessons were learned this week. Chief among them: do not drink anything called Rigor Mortis and expect to be productive at all for a good long while.

Anyway. This week’s non-pumpkin beer is:

Black Wych


 Brewed by: Wychwood Brewery

Ingredients: Malt, oats, hops.

Yes, more Wychwood. I am a) lazy and b) keen on labels featuring sexy goth ladies.

I’m torn. On the one hand, this beer is probably to be taken more seriously than the Lost Souls; on the other, I’m a Parallel 49 fan.

Black Wych isn’t as sweet, nor as chocolatey, but it’s not advertised as such anyway – it’s a black porter, and it lives up to that name, being completely opaque. The carbonation is extremely fine, in complete contrast to Hobgoblin, and the head died down quickly.

Appropriately enough, Wych has a bit of smokiness, which is a nice change after all the spicy hoppy beers I’ve been drinking lately, but it’s not as syrupy as some porters. This may be a plus for some, but I feel like I could go for a little more body. The taste doesn’t linger as much as the Hobgoblin did, though, which is a bit surprising – this is one that I’d expect to weigh you down. Instead it leaves a touch of dryness and takes its leave.

On balance, I have to go for the P49 here. It’s local and it’s awesome. Black Wych isn’t bad, but ironically, it doesn’t have the same magic.


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