Oh Strix

So I really let things slide, huh. But I’ve still been drinking beer and there’s still a week left in October, so let’s play a little catch up.

The title on this one is a play on the Strix, which are basically the demon owl spirits of revenge that come for bad vampires in World of Darkness. (Do not ask what you have to do to be considered a bad vampire.) Having been terrified of owls since watching The Secret of Nimh at about four years old, this has always struck me as apt. And poetically, this is one of my favourite pumpkin beers: Elysian Night Owl.

 This one is fruity, almost apple-y, with damn near the perfect spice balance of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, plus a trace of hops. The finish is warming without dragging or making your mouth feel sticky, and the carbonation is smooth and gives a nice head. The alcohol content is 6.5, comfortably within range for most of these beers, and the taste is pretty much everything I could ask for in pumpkin ale.

There is, of course, one downside, and it’s one I don’t remember Night Owl as having in the past – this one is cloudy and has, um, stuff floating in it. I’m normally not that fussy about that kind of thing, but I found it really off-putting, enough that I stopped drinking when I got near the end and saw it all accumulated on the bottom. It didn’t affect the taste or even the texture, but aesthetically, it was pretty gross. If this kind of thing doesn’t bug you, then this beer is definitely worth checking out.


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